Water and other drinks

We provide the first 5-gallon jug of purified drinking water free of charge. The tap water is safe, but still contains a bit salt and of course chlorine, so most people choose to drink bottled water. Any further water you can get yourself, stores are just around the corner (1 min). If you like wine or hard liquor (other than rum), it is best to buy it at the duty-free shop at Belize International airport, since it is expensive on the Caye. You are allowed 6 bottles. Belizean Rum, on the other hand, is excellent and cheap. Try Caribbean Gold or One Barrel. And, of course, a cold Belikan Beer is always available at the nearby shops, bars and restaurants.


Yes we got some, and sand flies. Bring repellent or buy it here – it’s a bit more expensive on the Caye. Mosquitoes are usually only a problem for an hour or so around sunset, but if you explore around the mangroves you can run into them during the day, too. Sand fly density depends on weather and location, but they can be out during the day as well. They’ll get you around the legs unless you apply baby oil or mosquito repellent. We provide good screens, just keep the screen door closed and you’ll be fine inside.


Bikes: can be rented at many places and are fun, but not absolutely necessary since we are located in the village, not way out by the airport. You can walk anywhere within 15-20 minutes.
Taxis (golf carts): the going rate for all destinations on the island is $5 Belize per person.
Water taxis: these are big, safe boats going to the mainland (Belize City, 1 hr) and San Pedro (on Ambergris Caye, 40 min), roughly every two hours (daylight hours only).

Other packing considerations:

Beach towels: Please bring your own.
Electricity: Belize uses the same plugs and voltage as North America.
Clothes: Shorts and t-shirts – Caye Caulker is laidback – you’ll need more bathing suits and less fancy clothes than you think. No, it does not get cold in the evenings.
Shoes: go for comfort, we have only coral sand roads.
Water: Bring your water bottle and refill it at your apartment – cheaper and you don’t have to discard several plastic bottles every day!
Bags: Bring a reusable bag for your grocery purchases, saves some plastic bags and sets a good example.
Internet: Can be slow, don’t expect to stream a lot of video.
Money: US dollars are accepted anywhere in Belize (although small stores may not accept $100 bills). They are always exchanged 2:1, so you don’t need to worry about bad exchange rates. You will usually get your change in Belize dollars . Prices posted are usually in Belize dollars. In case of doubt, ask, it can get confusing since they are both just called ‘Dalla’.

Credit Cards are not as widely accepted as they are in other countries.

There is one ATM machine on Caye Caulker (at Atlantic Bank), and it can be empty now and then, so don’t leave it to the last minute to get more cash. There are more options in San Pedro or in Belize City but they are a boat ride away.